Latin Immersion

If you have ever wanted to travel to Latin America, but fear the language barrier then Latin Immersion can help. We'll travel with you and provide you with courses to improve your Spanish speaking skills.

What We Have To Offer


See what the countries of Mexico, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Costa Rica have to offer you from their immersion schools(spanish immersion program in buenos aires) and historical sites while you learn to speak Spanish.


Take classes with Latin Immersion for 1-2 weeks or 1-2 months. Your stay is entirely up to you and you can also plan a multi-location learning adventure if you want.

All Groups

Our program caters to a variety of people including college students, families, seniors and everyone in between. No matter who you are, you can join Latin Immersion and learn Spanish.

Get in touch!

Start your Spanish immersion journey right now by filling out our pre-registration form and reserving your spot before our next start date. Contact us today to request more information.